Charlotte Dauphin
For A
Mixed Media
When you were enamored with the color sea green and our feet didn't even touch the kitchen floor
Was when I learned that you were genuine.

When I found out that you liked tuna fish sandwiches
Was when I learned that you aren't REALLY what you eat.

When we suntanned on my roof just because knew we weren't allowed
Was when I saw that you would almost always do what I thought about doing.

When you wanted me to curl my hair
Was when I learned that you had started to care about something other than who we really are.

When you hated your first kiss and laughed about it.
Was when I learned to see the tears behind your eyes.

I wanted to protect you.

When we spent long summer days together, when I wanted to climb trees barefoot but you wanted to walk from my house to the pool in our bikinis
Was when I learned to be ashamed when they whistled.

When we laid on my carpet eating too many snickers bars and laughing until we were stupid
Was when I wished the moment would never end.

When you confided to me about your dad
Was when I secretly felt important.

When I succeeded
Was when I discovered that you were jealous.

When you let people hurt you, but hung onto them anyway--when I wanted to push you away like everyone else did
Was when I realized that I would always love you.

When you made me angry and I felt replaced
Was when I learned that you weren't all that mattered.

Maybe you wouldn't always care.

When you wear your heart on your face;
When you say something that makes you more vulnerable than I could ever be;
When you lie just to look good;
When you act disgustingly superficial even though you know I wouldn't care;
When I remember that I need you too;
When we drove with the wind jarring our cheeks and tangling our hair

Is when I learned that we are lucky, and that we will never be ordinary
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